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Low Vision Rehabilitation Services

In-Home Vision Rehabilitation Occupational Therapy Services. Personalized and proficient services in your home to maximize your potential to age in place and to help you to return valued activities.

What is Low Vision?

Low Vision is defined by the National Eye Institue (NEI, 2018) as a condition that cannot be corrected by surgery, eyeglasses, or contacts; vision loss is severe enough to interfere with everyday activities. It allow some usable vision but people with a low vision condition often have difficulty with tasks that they need to or want to participate in.

Common Conditions associated with Low Vision include:

     Age-related Macular Degeneration


     Diabetic Retinopathy

     Retinal Degenerations such as:

            Stargardt's Disease

            Retinitis Pigmentosa


Other Conditions assoicated with Visual Impairments:

-         Traumatic Brain Injury

-         Stroke/CVA

-         Multiple Sclerosis

-         Parkinson's Disease

-         Alzheimer's Disease

Brain Sketch

Areas that can be more difficult with low vision include:

reading & Writing

Financial Management

Calendar Management

Computer Access & Adaptations

Phone & Technology Use

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Meal Preparation

Fall Prevention & Safety



Community Mobility

Access to REsources

Coping with Vision Loss

Leisure Pursuits

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